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We all live our lives knowing that we must one day face our own mortality; it's simply a fact of life. Given its generally unpleasant nature, many individuals however, choose to ignore that fact and live their lives as though they will be on this earth forever. While this may not have any negative consequences when it comes to their everyday lives, it could have dire ramifications if they fail to properly plan for the future of their estates.

Estate planning is a very important act; it determines what happens to one's property after their demise. Regardless of how one may feel about their own mortality, failing to create a will is simply irresponsible and will do nothing more than create a headache for the decedent's heirs. Moreover, the decedent's possessions will be dispersed via intestacy, meaning that a decedent will have absolutely no influence over where their property ends up after they pass.

A properly executed will ensure that an individual has a real say in what happens to their property after their demise. It is very much an act of control in which someone can direct who or what will receive their property. You worked hard all your life to acquire all of your personal property; wouldn't you want to be able to say what happens to it after you are no longer here?

In order to have a properly executed will, you need to almost always have your will drafted and executed by an attorney. The laws that govern the creation of a will are highly complex and technical and it is of the utmost importance that the right attorney for the job is hired. You want an attorney who has years of experience specializing in wills. Failure to properly execute a will can result in the will being declared void, which means it is like it never existed in the first place.

So if you are looking to have a will drafted, please contact our office and let our years of experience work for you. Don't leave your personal affairs up in the air, make sure that a will guarantees your control over what happens to your property and buy yourself some piece of mind


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