Social Security Counselors

Many people new to Social Security have questions about their monthly check or their other coverage. Social Security Counselors can help the elderly, newly retired and disabled understand their benefits and also explain other programs that might be available to them.

If you have ever met with a Social Security Counselor from your local Social Security office, then you know that you will usually have a long wait before you can see a counselor. Most offices require you to take a number, sit down and wait for the next available counselor. Most offices are understaffed due to government budgetary constraints. Try to understand that it is not the workers that are the problem. They are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances. Be patient and try to greet them with a smile when you see them.

Not only will the Social Security Counselor be pleased with talking to someone with a pleasant attitude instead of a grumpy customer, but going through life with a smile on your face is the way to be. Your Counselor will probably react more positively and really do their best to help solve your problem.

Problems can range from not getting your monthly check to needing to apply for Social Security Disability insurance. The counselor will take your information and probably give you some forms to fill out. Be prepared when you get up to the window to discuss your case. Have your papers and relevant information available. Just as you had to wait, there are others waiting. Keep your conversation to the business at hand and do not engage in too much extraneous conversation.

There are Social Security offices located in every major city and in many smaller ones as well. You can find your nearest local office by calling the national Social Security number or by just looking in the phone book. If you have a problem concerning any aspect of Social Security, you can visit your local Social Security office and talked to a counselor. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved to your complete satisfaction.


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