Home Repair and Exterior Home Maintenance

Home repair and exterior home maintenance are necessary to keep a residence functioning and to maintain safety. This may be especially so where the elderly or senior citizen is concerned. Failure to keep areas of the home in proper working order can possibly result in an injury and sometimes even death. However, there are a few simple tips that can potentially avoid these things from happening that also keeps costs in mind.

Accident Prevention

The focus of home repair and maintenance activities in the homes of elderly persons should always entail accident prevention measures. This may include but is not limited to installation of handrails both indoors and out, smoke detectors and non-slip flooring. If these interventions are already in place they should be examined routinely and maintained as necessary. Examples include checking the sturdiness of the railing, examining the condition of flooring and testing and changing batteries in alarms and detectors. Other interventions can include the use of anti-scald devices within the home and keeping walkways clear outside.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Other issues that the elderly may face involve living conditions. Some simply may not be able to provide for necessary repairs and maintenance. A leaking roof or a damaged heating or cooling unit can be quite problematic. These things should also be addressed in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, a rundown home is among one of the top reasons that some cannot continue to live in their own home, even with the services of a caregiver.

Obtaining Assistance

Many older persons may not seek home repair and outdoor home maintenance services because they may not be able to financially do so. However, there are programs in place that may be of assistance. This can include government programs offered through the Department of Health and Human Services, People's Self Help Housing or through community action programs. In many cases, home repair and exterior home maintenance for senior citizens are either free or significantly discounted.


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