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The unfortunate trend is that most elderly people will experience Alzheimer's Disease, a form of dementia, and will require Alzheimer's Care or a Memory Care Facility. These syndromes affects the cognitive abilities and can alter one's ability to remember, think critically, understand, speak and pay attention. Dementia is normally progressive, leading to late stage dementia that is classified as experiencing overall disorientation and confusion. Regardless of the stage of dementia that your loved one is experiencing, it is important to surround them with the appropriate care. The right long or short term care facility is one that has a staff that is trained to handle patients with dementia.

Someone that is trained in Alzheimer's and dementia care understands the needs of patients within different stages. Simple things like tone of voice and body language go a long way in caring for this special type of person. Knowing how to recognize and reduce pain, prevent falls, understand communication patterns and give appropriate medications are also important skills to have when working with elderly patients with dementia. By providing dementia sufferers with supervision, structured activities, recreation, nutritious meals and personalized care plans, long term care and assisted living providers can help to sooth your loved one.

Your loved one deserves the best possible care in an environment that is loving and professional. If you are unable to care for your parent or elderly relative, you need to investigate the long and short term dementia care options that are available in your area. Facilities that offer a safe, family oriented environment will reduce the mental and physical stress of dealing with dementia and provide your loved one with the comfort they need at this moment in their life. You may have to move beyond home based care options and seek increased professional assistance. Nursing homes, adult day cares and assisted living facilities also offer you a well deserved breather to prevent you from experiencing anxiety and physical over exertion.


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