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Assisted living is often a desirable option for many aging adults. It offers residents most of the independence they want, with immediate access to personal care and support if it's necessary. Most assisted living communities provide assistance for their residence with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. In some instances, assistant living facilities may even offer medication assistance including reminders and medication administration. The most significant difference between these types of assisted living facilities and nursing homes is that in nursing homes, they offer more involved medical assistance.

An assisted living facility may be ideal for someone who can't leave by themselves any more but they aren't in a condition that requires 24 hour care. You and your loved ones must decide whether or not assisted living is right for you.

The risk of loneliness, falling, abandonment and unnoticed health deterioration is considerably reduced at an assisted living facility. Residents often find companionship and friendship with other residents in the facility. Meals are usually provided three times a day and snacks are available. Most assisted living housing is apartment or studio style and comes equipped with a full kitchen or a kitchenette that includes a refrigerator and microwave.

Many residents come and go as they please in these facilities. There are also organized events for residents to enjoy including game nights, movies nights and in some cases, field trips.

Assisted living can be costly and most often paid for privately by the residents' or their loved ones. There are some long-term insurance policies that may cover licensed assisted living. In some cases, Medicaid funds or waivers are available to help with these expenses.


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