Nursing Homes | Skilled Nursing Facilities


Nursing homes are a type of care facility for the elderly that provide custodial and medical care in the same location. This type of care center is great for elderly people that need daily assistance with grooming, hygiene, meal preparation, and other health issues. A nursing home offers residents comprehensive medical care from a staff that includes physicians and nurses. Having these professional on duty around the clock makes this a skilled nursing home. The staff at a nursing home has the education, skills and training needed to care of patients with differing health problems concerning mental and physical capacities. There may also be specialized medical workers present to provide residents with specified care.

The nursing home is a great care option for seniors for different reasons. At this point in your life, you may not be capable of providing your loved one with the safest and most appropriate care for their needs. This may be because of your schedule or your lack of health related knowledge and skill. Your loved one may have undergone a major operation or have been hospitalized recently because of a certain condition. If this is the case, a nursing home may be a temporary care solution that offers medical attention for the duration of the recuperation process. In the case of progressive diseases and conditions like dementia, you may need to look for a more permanent facility that provides dementia care.

Nursing homes aren't the only assisted living options for the elderly. There are other kinds of care like adult day care and home care with a caregiver, but these types of care will not be as extensive as what is necessary. The major priorities when searching for a nursing home for your loved one is to find a temporary or permanent home that offers a safe, pleasant environment that provides skilled care that is relevant to the needs of your loved one.


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