Similar is better for those with Alzheimer’s in San Jose

Seniors with Alzheimer’s in San Jose and other memory related disorders are finding that there is a place to call home with other seniors who are alike. Some senior communities which offer memory care services will be able to group the residents by the level of care which is needed and the progression of their memory loss.  For this reason, the care provided within the senior care facility will be varying depending upon the level of care necessary for the senior residents.

Why it is important to be with like-“minded” people:

  1. A feeling of belonging
  2. The same level of care
  3. More attention
  4. Specialized care services
  5. Tailored living area of the facility

No one wants to feel alone or unlike the people that they are around. Even in senior care, some seniors who are in varying stages of physical or mental condition will require different care services and will have different privileges.  It is not a good idea to have a senior with a severe memory problem in the same area and around those who are not experiencing any memory loss.  Some seniors in senior care living facilities are able to go outside without being accompanied or are able to make their way into the dining area without assistance at meal time.  The seniors who are safe to move about a nursing home or assisted living facility will be without much specialized care.  Seniors may show signs of aggression or have different behaviors than others.  It is important to keep things as normal as possible for someone who is losing their memory.  Things being consistent among those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia will help to prevent anger or frustrations.  Seniors with beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease will need a lower level of care than those with the more advanced levels of the disease.  Some areas of the living facility will have around-the-clock supervision.

The seniors with memory related diseases and conditions will often live near each other within the senior care facility.  This particular area of the San Jose memory care or senior living community will have more support and senior care than those within the facility who require less care services or not as specialized care services.  Specialized care services for those seniors who are experiencing memory loss and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia will receive therapy and other care services directly related to slowing the progression of memory loss.  Many therapy options are specific to those with memory related disease.  The living area within the senior living facility will also be tailored to protecting the safety of seniors experiencing Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Special Care Units will be designed specifically to meet the needs of the seniors with memory care related needs.  Making sure that the area in which these senior’s is living is the best for their specific care needs is important, so all seniors with similar elder care needs will most often live near each other within the San Jose senior care living community.

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