Skilled Nursing Facilities California

If you type “skilled nursing facilities California” into your web browser, you will quickly learn that the phrase “skilled nursing facilities” is synonymous with the more commonly used term “nursing home.” Nursing homes, unlike assisted living facilities, are better equipped to manage the more difficult effects of aging.

In California, nursing homes are watched and regulated by the California Department of Health Services. There are several reasons to consider a skilled nursing facility—Alzheimer’s disease, a long-term, debilitating injury, coma, incapacitation. If you are no longer able to sufficiently care for your elderly loved ones, and they are not able to care for themselves, a nursing home is likely the next logical step.

The cost of nursing homes can quickly become exorbitant. In California, it is possible to qualify under Medi-Cal, which helps pay skilled nursing facility expenses. Be aware and educated, however, because the rules and regulations for who qualifies are ever changing. Also, do not assume that Medicare will pay nursing home costs. Oftentimes, Medicare is only effective when the resident is receiving actual medical service; this is not always the case in nursing homes.

If you are relatively certain that your loved ones will one day be in need of nursing home care, take out a long-term health insurance policy. Speak with you healthcare insurance provider about this prospect—it is often the most affordable way to pay for skilled nursing facility care.

If you are looking for a skilled nursing facility California, one thing that will become apparent is that there are several facilities throughout the state. Using a website designed specifically to help you locate reputable nursing homes is recommended. For example, on GeriCareFinder, you can search by state—California. Many institutions pop up:  Bonnie Brae Convalescent Hospital in Los Angeles, Bruceville Terrace Skilled Nursing Facility in Sacramento, Catered Manor in Long Beach, Crestwood Manor in San Jose, Hayes Valley Care in San Francisco, Marian Homes in Fresno, Nazareth House in San Diego, Piedmont Gardens in Oakland and more.

There are over 1,300 skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of California. According to the United States Official Website for Medicare, there are four areas that should be rated when looking for a quality nursing home.

  1. Health inspections
  2. Staffing
  3. Quality measures
  4. Overall

When visiting a skilled nursing facility, get an overall feel for the place. If you are not at ease and you do not feel comfortable, you probably will not be happy with the facility, even if the health inspections, staffing and quality are up to par.

If you are looking for a nursing home on the West Coast, start online. Look for “skilled nursing facilities California,” compile a set of nearby locations and arrange appointments for tours. Take pen and paper, remember the four areas of evaluation and be sure to ask plenty of questions. Since a vast number of nursing homes exist in California, it is important to do your research and visit multiple facilities before making a decision as to which one right for you and your family.

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