Some help – but not too much

Senior assisted living has advantagesThere is a delicate balance between maintaining independence while receiving some assistance and having lost yourself when someone does it all for you. In San Diego, seniors are finding the perfect balance in today’s revamped assisted living communities.  San Diego assisted living environments offer an array of services to help seniors with their daily living activates, but gone are the days when all care is the same for each resident.  Each senior will be in their own, very unique situation and will require assistance with different things.  Seniors want to be able to continue doing things for themselves, where it can be done alone and safely.  The family of senior aged loved ones may need to have a conversation with their senior aged loved one about what he or she should accept some help with.  It may be that a senior is capable of performing a daily living activity, but without assistance it may be unsafe.  If your senior aged loved one living in an assisted living facility is no longer safe to get into and out of the shower without assistance, but is uncomfortable to accept help, you will need to have a conversation to explain why it is necessary for the senior to accept help with the activity.  Some seniors may be appreciative and receptive to any and all assistance which is able to be provided in an assisted living facility, but some seniors may not want to allow someone else to do it for them.  It is important that seniors in assisted living facility understand that the caregivers are there to help with daily living activities that the senior may require assistance.  The senior may still be able to help with the activity, but it may just be that it is not a good idea for a senior to try to do it alone.

A senior may understand that it is better to maintain independence by allowing assistance, rather than losing independence and the ability to perform daily living activities at all by sustaining an injury.  It is an adjustment which may take some time and convincing with your senior aged loved one, if he or she is not totally open to the idea.  Assisted living allows for each senior to only receive the assistance which is necessary and the rest of the senior’s life and daily living activities will be completely independent.  Seniors will appreciate that they are able to maintain their independence wherever assistance isn’t necessary and there will be a great deal of privacy that the senior will be able to maintain.  Many seniors, who are living alone and then move into an assisted living facility, want to be able to do things without assistance as they had been in recent years, but it is important to notice and explain the changes in the senior’s health or physical and mental state which may have impacted the senior’s ability to do it all by themselves.  Seniors in San Diego assisted living facilities are able to get the assistance with daily living activities with just the things that require assistance and completely remain independent on mostly everything else.


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