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Preparation at the end of life is not easy for family and friends of a senior aged person.  Hospice and palliative care services will ensure that any advance directives, CPR and DNR or final wishes of a senior are respected.  Hospice and palliative care services in an Arizona senior aged person's home will be available to ensure that documents and written or expressed preferences with regard to medical care are carried out in a manner that was intended by the senior aged person when he or she made those convictions. 

Many senior aged people in Arizona have listed that a feeding tube or artificial life will not be necessary in the final stages of life.  A hospice or palliative care worker will obey the wishes of a senior aged person and provide care based upon a senior's care preferences in their Arizona home.  Family and friends of seniors, who do not have a power of attorney or whom are not the executor of care based decisions, may try to influence the care or change the care provided to a senior.  The hospice and palliative care nurses will not be able to change the care plan or go against the expressed wishes of a senior aged person, regardless of the family or friend's opinions or voiced concerns.  Seniors who have created legal documents, advanced directives or communicated wishes about CPR and DNR will have receive hospice and palliative care in the manner in which a senior had expressed consent for care.  Hospice and palliative care nurses are compassionate to the needs of a senior aged patient and loved ones of a senior aged person.  The palliative and hospice care will be respectful to a senior's needs and wishes in their Arizona home.

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Banner Gardens Hospice House - Mesa

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Casa De La Luz Hospice - Tucson

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Hospice Inspiris - Phoenix

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