California Skilled Nursing Homes

Choosing one of the skilled nursing homes in California can be a difficult decision.  Asking questions of the staff and the management of the California skilled nursing homes will be the best way to determine which of the skilled nursing homes in California is best.  Many times, a senior aged loved one will not be able to decide for him or herself which of the skilled nursing homes in California is the best place to live.  This leaves the decision of choosing that of the California skilled nursing homes is best to the caregiver or family member.  Making the right decision is important for the safety of a senior aged loved one.  Also, family members and caregivers worry that they will regret the decision if choosing the wrong skilled nursing facility in California, should something harmful happen to their senior aged loved one. 

There are guides to skilled nursing homes online and at centers for aging.  Skilled nursing homes that offer therapy options which are aimed at allowing a senior aged loved one to recover, heal or maintain the highest quality of life is the one of the best ways to choose between the skilled nursing homes in California.  Location is usually an important factor in deciding between the skilled nursing homes in California.  A family member and friends of a senior will want to be able to make personal visits and skilled nursing homes which are far away from family and friends will lessen the likelihood of personal visits to that one of the skilled nursing homes in California.  After checking out and personally visiting and touring the California skilled nursing homes, choose the best one based on safety of a senior loved one and the cleanliness of the nursing homes and professionalism of the staff.

Nursing Homes

2-6972 - - 04/10/2009

Bonnie Brae Convalescent Hosp - Los Angeles

Skilled Nursing Home Elder Care Los Angeles CA
  • 420 S Bonnie Brae St
  • Los Angeles, CA 90057-3010
  • (213) 483-8144


2-3187 - - 04/10/2009

Bruceville Terrace Nursing - Sacramento

Skilled Nursing Elder Care Sacramento California
  • 8151 Bruceville Rd
  • Sacramento, CA 95823-2300
  • (916) 423-6000


2-2733 - - 04/10/2009

Catered Manor - Long Beach

Catered Manor Long Beach, California Skilled Nursi
  • 4010 N Virginia Rd
  • Long Beach, CA 90807-2627
  • (562) 426-0394


2-4500 - - 04/10/2009

Crestwood Manor - San Jose

Skilled Nursing Facilities San Jose California CA
  • 1425 Fruitdale Ave
  • San Jose, CA 95128-3299
  • (408) 275-1010


2-14026 - - 04/10/2009

Hayes Valley Care - San Francisco

Senior Skilled Nursing Care Home San Francisco CA
  • 601 Laguna St
  • San Francisco, CA 94102
  • (415) 252-1128


2-4441 - - 04/10/2009

Marian Homes - Fresno

Senior Skilled Nursing Homes Elderly Fresno CA
  • 2124 E Linden Ave
  • Fresno, CA 93725-9130
  • (559) 834-3636


2-2898 - - 04/10/2009

Nazareth House - San Diego

Skilled Nursing Home Facility San Diego California
  • 6333 Rancho Mission Rd
  • San Diego, CA 92108-2099
  • (619) 563-0480


2-16464 - - 11/13/2010

Pacific Place Retirement Community - Oceanside

senior home care, assisted living, retirement communities, alzheimer's care, nursing homes
  • 3500 Lake Blvd.
  • Oceanside, CA 92056-4600
  • (760) 414-9411


2-3047 - - 04/10/2009

Piedmont Gardens - Oakland

Senior Skilled Nursing Home Care Elderly Oakland
  • 110 41st St
  • Oakland, CA 94611-5250
  • (510) 654-7172