Texas Home Care

Home care providers are a pivotal part of maintaining a safe, independent lifestyle for seniors in their Texas homes.  In Texas, there are an abundance of home care provider services and companies, which are available to assist a senior with their everyday needs.  A proper assessment of a senior's care needs will ensure that the adequate amount of care in the home is provided.  A home care provider should have the staff which is able to provide quality in home care as well as to cover all of the care needs and times that a senior aged person is in need of care.  Understaffing may be an issue with a home care provider and it is important to research and ask questions about the case load of each home care worker that the home care provider is employing.  In Texas, there are state laws and requirements, which mandate certain regulations among home, care providers.  Not all home care providers offer the same services for elderly people.  Family and friends of elderly loved ones must research the history and track record of the home care provider to include the incidents and lawsuits which may have arisen against the home care provider.  It is important for a senior to have a home care worker who is reliable, trustworthy and professional.  The experience of many of the home care workers in which a home care provider employs may be listed on their company website.  Home care providers must also have a professional staff to adequately handle the billing and accounting needs.  A senior should be able to enjoy time at home safely with the introduction of reliable home care services maintained by a well-managed home care provider.

Home Care Helper

2-2112 - - 04/10/2009

Abiding Home Health LLC - San Antonio

Senior Home Care Seniors Helper San Antonio TX
  • 15102 Jones Maltsberger Rd
  • San Antonio, TX 78247-3370
  • (210) 403-0901
  • 866-403-0901

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2-4192 - - 04/10/2009

Altomar Home Health Care Inc - El Paso

Senior home elder health care el paso texas TX
  • 4026 N Mesa St # A
  • El Paso, TX 79902-1531
  • (915) 845-2211
  • 800-328-2211


2-1945 - - 04/10/2009

Antioch Home Health Inc - Houston

Senior Healthcare Houston Home Elder Helpers Texas
  • 2600 S Loop W # 285
  • Houston, TX 77054-2780
  • (713) 663-7131


2-6689 - - 04/10/2009

Assisted Services - Fort Worth

Senior home healthcare helper fort worth texas TX
  • 5280 Trail Lake Dr # 36
  • Fort Worth, TX 76133-1940
  • (817) 429-8476


2-1849 - - 04/10/2009

Attentive Primecare Home Health - Arlington

Senior Elder Home Health Care Arlington Texas TX
  • 700 Highlander Blvd
  • Arlington, TX 76015
  • (888) 775-8003
  • 888-775-8003


2-9409 - - 04/10/2009

Elderassist of Austin - Austin

Senior Home healthcare help Elder austin texas TX
  • 609 Castle Ridge Rd # 300a
  • Austin, TX 78746-5126
  • (512) 328-4166


2-14586 - - 04/10/2009

ResCare Homecare - Dallas

Senior Elder In Home Health Care Dallas Texas TX
  • 1349 Empire Central, Ste. 510
  • Dallas, TX 75247
  • (214) 951-0698