A Step in the Right Chicago Home Care Direction

home care in Chicago, ILThis fall and winter, while you are visiting your family in Chicago, check-in on your seniors.  Holidays are the best time to make an evaluation of the living situation in your senior’s home.  Taking this first step is the right direction to making sure that your senior is living safely in their Chicago home.  Although every room in the house should be checked to see if it is conducive to senior living, the bathroom is a place you will surely visit (without being overly nosy).  It is easy to see how a senior is living by the way that he or she keeps their bathroom.  Are there signs that your senior has been having a hard time getting into and out of the bathtub, if so you should ask your senior.  Anything you want to know can mostly be solved for by just asking.  Don’t assume what you think that your senior needs help with the most, ask questions.

But being selective about the questions in which you ask may increase the chance for answers.  If you bombard your senior aged loved one with the questions, he or she may become disgruntled and frustrated with the conversation and shut you out.  So look around, before you start asking.  Seeing the things that you think that your senior may need help with will help you decide in which direction you want to take the conversation.  Bathroom remodeling can be a fun experience as much as a necessary one.  Seniors may be excited to try new colors and get new bathroom accessories, but these are all things that really are secondary to safety in the bathroom.  The bathroom can be a dangerous place to slip and fall.  Injuries can occur in any place in the house, but the bathroom is a necessary area that will be frequented often in a day’s time.  Getting into and out of the bathtub can be less than easy and often a scary experience for your senior aged loved one.  Although many seniors start with grip bars for stability, there may be a need to take another step in the right direction for safety, stability and independence.  A walk in bathtub will ensure that there is little to no chance of a fall due to losing balance getting into the bathtub.  Just think about the days that you are less than feeling well or perfect health and you have had to step into the bathtub without assistance.  I think that most adults have had the experience, even as younger adults, where it wasn’t easy to get into or out of the tub.  For a senior, getting into or out of the bathtub can be a difficult experience on a daily basis.  This holiday season, while you are enjoying the company of the seniors that you love so much in their Chicago home, take a look around and take a step in the right direction by making some changes to make their home a safer place to be.

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