Taking the First Step to Aging in Place

Walk in bath tubs | Taking The First Step to Aging In PlaceAging in place in your San Jose home is all about taking the first step, into a walk-in bathtub that is! Some seniors don’t realize how quickly things can change.  One day you are fine to step into and out of the bathtub and it seems like the next you are not able to maneuver that way. Most of us take for granted how limber and agile we are when we are in our younger years.  As we age, we are finding that things that were once mindless and easy to do require a little more effort and even sometimes some assistance.  To age in place, it is important to have all of the necessary tools to be safe and still get around as easily as possible.

Why a walk-in tub is the best first step to aging in place

  • Relatively inexpensive home remodeling project
  • Benefits far outweigh the costs
  • Taking a shower/ bathing is a daily necessity
  • Prevent falls and injury
  • Doing it on your own

Although I am sure many seniors have people who would be willing to everyday help them into and out of the bathtub to get clean to ensure that they are not having an accident, there is no need to rely on someone else for the safety of getting into the bathtub when the senior has a walk-in tub. Independence in the home can be as easy as making modifications to the home to make it safe and doable.  Seniors will appreciate not needing someone to be able to do something that most of us find so simple as to get into the shower.  Not only will the walk-in tub help the senior physically by making it easier to get into and out of it but the senior will feel pleased to know that daily life and activities can be something that they are able to do independently.  Aging in place in their San Jose home can happen, when the senior is safe to perform daily living activities without too much hassle and worry about safety concern.

A walk-in tub may be the first of several home remodeling and modification projects, but with regard to other home improvement projects, this is a fairly simple and inexpensive change. Many companies specialize in the installation of walk-in tubs.  The tub can be installed right where the old tub was and usually happens in a very short amount of time.  The walk-in tubs range in price depending upon the features included and the requests made by the homeowner.  Walk-in tubs provide the benefit of a senior being able to tend to an important part of their day without the worry of an injury or the need for a caregiver’s assistance.  Thinking about your senior aging in place can certainly start well before the need arises.  By planning out the home modifications and renovations ahead of time and starting the process early, seniors and their families will find that the costs are minimal in comparison to the benefits.  Taking the first step to aging in place, in the senior’s San Jose home, begins with a walk-in tub.

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