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Great assisted living places in New York, NYIf you need assisted living, speak to a person who can help you find assisted living in New York City by calling 888.437.4817. Assisted living is necessary if your senior aged loved one needs assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing. It is important to prevent injuries and accident, before they happen. A simple misstep or fall while getting into or out of the bathtub or shower is not very critical or alarming for a younger person most times, but for a senior can be devastating. If a fall should occur and a senior sustains injuries the injuries are usually more severe in an elderly person. The amount of time to recover from a fall and any subsequent treatment or surgery is usually much longer than it would be with a younger person. A senior, who is left immobile for a period of time, while recovering from a fall, will have a harder time getting back to the way that they were before the injury had occurred.

It is important to sense what steps may be necessary to take to prevent a senior from having an accident in their home. In some cases, a senior falling can result in death. It is an absolutely horrible thing to think of, but does happen and is something that you must consider when you know that your senior needs help with bathing and cannot bathe alone any longer. For a senior to survive injuries caused from a fall, there is often extensive treatment and surgery involved and an extremely long road to recovery. Prevention is key to a healthy senior with a high quality of life. Senior care needs may dictate the implementation of assisted living into a senior’s care plan. You may be the primary caregiver, but you too may also need this help in assisting your loved one with daily living activities. An assisted living community may be something to consider. Once you have decided that assisted living may be necessary, it is hard to really know (especially if you have not been in this situation before) what steps to take. The first is to know where to find assisted living in your area. There are many options to locate senior care in your area, but the easiest and best place to start is by calling and speaking with a live person at 888.437.4817. It will be a helpful step in ensuring that you are locating reliable assisted living in your area. This may just be the help you are seeking to ease some of your frustration that you may feel early on when trying to figure it all out. No one, unless you’ve had previous experience with changes in senior care needs, will know the best way to go about things and in keeping your senior aged loved one safe, but recognizing the need your senior has with their daily living activities and making the call to get the information about assisted living is certainly the steps in the right direction.


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