Stop and Smell the Roses – now at your local San Jose assisted living location

assisted living facilities San JoseMany assisted living facilities in San Jose are changing things up a bit.  Seniors have so much time that they once may have never imagined having and for this reason it becomes difficult to imagine a day without busy tasks and chores and time to just stop and smell the roses.  The interior of a senior assisted living facility is important when choosing between the options available in San Jose, but just as important is the landscaping and activities available for seniors.  Some assisted living facilities are now offering beautiful gardens and flowers and much of the beauty may even come from the seniors themselves participating in the care of the garden.

Seniors need things to do. Finding activities in senior living for seniors

  1. Gardening
  2. Reading
  3. Learning
  4. Photography
  5. Socializing

Gardens may offer an array of benefits for seniors.  Not only are flower gardens beautiful to look at and really ad to the aseptic pleasure in the landscaping, but also if seniors are partaking in the care of a garden it is good mental and physical stimulation.  Seniors will feel a sense of accomplishment that is necessary and healthy for a positive outlook on life.  Many seniors will find gardening something that they enjoy reading and learning about.  There are many books and magazines on the topic of gardening which may be of interest to many seniors.  Some seniors may be more interested in the garden once it has grown and shown its beauty.  For this reason, many seniors are reading about, learning about and partaking in the photography of the beautiful gardens at the assisted living facilities.

The social aspect of getting involved in an activity like gardening is just as important as the rest of the reasons that a senior can benefit from an activity.  To maintain a high quality of life, seniors should have other interaction with people and be able to freely communicate.  The shared passion of the garden will invite and encourage conversation among the seniors in the assisted living facility.  If for nothing else, the garden may open the door to communication which may lead to relationships between the senior residents.  It is very welcoming to see fresh flowers outside of an assisted living facility.  It may often make the seniors at the facility feel more at home and at peace.  The flower garden will give the assisted living facility a less institutional feel and really make the facility into more of a community of people within a similar situation.  Looking for an assisted living facility and choosing can be difficult when most seem to offer what your senior will need, but finding one that will go above-and-beyond the normal expectations is what will set one off amongst the rest.  Find out what your senior’s passions may be and look for the assisted living facility that will really accommodate your senior and their own personal interests.  The assisted living facilities in San Jose that have the happiest seniors are taking another approach and doing things a bit differently than the rest.

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