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Assisted Living Chicago

Assisted living facility in ChicagoSome Chicago assisted living facilities allow their residents to consume alcohol and to have alcohol in their apartments; others ban consumption of alcohol. Some residents in assisted living facilities are sneaking their alcoholic beverages into their apartments and are consuming it in a concealed manner. Assisted living facility workers have mixed opinions on whether or not alcohol should be permitted in these facilities. Some residents who are safe health-wise to consume alcoholic beverages are happier and easier to work with, whereas others will be belligerent and difficult to be able to work with and assist.

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Assisted Living Chicago

Chicago is one of the great mid-western cities (if not the best), even though Chicago has been established for some time, finding assisted living for an aging senior in need can still be a challenge.  Consequently, there are a number of areas you should investigate and evaluate when trying to find the best Chicago assisted living facility for your family.

Make sure everything in the assisted living unit is in working order.  This means you should open doors, drawers and window, run on lights, press emergency call buttons, turn on the TV and radios, and also see if the telephones work.  Take nothing for granted, just because it’s in the room doesn’t mean it’s working 100%.

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