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Rain or Shine for San Jose Seniors

Assisted Living in San JoseSan Jose seniors are getting moving no matter the weather.  In assisted living facilities, there are times when the seniors are not able to partake in outdoor activities, due to the extreme heat.  Heat and weather can be particularly dangerous for a senior.  It is important that seniors are not exerting too much energy or overheating on these extremely hot days.  For this reason, assisted living is changing with the times and incorporating some really cool ways to keep seniors physically active even indoors!  There are many game systems which link up to televisions in senior’s rooms and in the community areas within the assisted living facility where seniors are playing baseball, bowling, yoga, dancing and other activities all from inside the assisted living facility and in any weather conditions.  Of course, there are still the previously popular activities like bingo and painting, but with the advances in technology there are so many other activities that are keeping seniors moving and their minds sharp.  To use a game system to play a game like bowling, you need to have coordination and use your brain to think about what comes next in the game not to mention the game stick which is controlling the outcome of wear you are rolling the bowling ball.

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Stop and Smell the Roses – now at your local San Jose assisted living location

assisted living facilities San JoseMany assisted living facilities in San Jose are changing things up a bit.  Seniors have so much time that they once may have never imagined having and for this reason it becomes difficult to imagine a day without busy tasks and chores and time to just stop and smell the roses.  The interior of a senior assisted living facility is important when choosing between the options available in San Jose, but just as important is the landscaping and activities available for seniors.  Some assisted living facilities are now offering beautiful gardens and flowers and much of the beauty may even come from the seniors themselves participating in the care of the garden.

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Assisted Living Friendships Happen in San Jose

Finding a new friend in San JoseAn assisted living worker in a San Jose assisted living community became best friends with a former Veteran pilot.  It is amazing how in just a few weeks we, as humans, can develop close relationships with someone.  A new, young assisted living worker in San Jose was surprised how quickly she became friends with older gentlemen who she was caring for.  Every day she would make his bed and help him to get ready for the day.  He was quiet at first and hesitant to make a relationship because there were so many people caring for him that he could not keep them all straight.  He was pleased when she started to ask about the medals and awards he had posted on his wall and the plaques he had to honor him on his dresser.  She started to make small talk and conversation about the weather and quickly wanted to know more about who he was as a younger man.  He was so happy that someone had taken the extra effort to get to know him as a person.   While he appreciated the care from the other workers in this lovely San Diego assisted living facility, he was not pleased at how impersonal it felt to have someone come into his apartment do only what was necessary and move onto the next resident’s care needs.  The assisted care worker was also pleased to have someone to talk to about more than what they needed her to do for them.  She was happy to begin making a meaningful relationship with a ‘friend’ in the assisted living community.

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