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Find Caregiver

When you’re looking to find a caregiver for a senior in need, you first need to know what you’re looking for.  Things may seem normal on the outside, and some changes are barely noticeable.  Once in a while we all forget details or put things off, but when a pattern develops, it may be serious.  Remember, dementia (mental deterioration) is not a normal part of aging.  Sharpen your observational skills, and look for patterns within the following key areas:

Basic tasks – difficulty in walking, dressing, talking, eating, cooking, climbing steps or managing medications.

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Senior Care Maryland

The family member or sibling that lives closest to the elderly parent(s) often provides the majority of senior care, especially in its early stages.  If you’re providing Senior Care in Maryland, which is a small and compact state, this can even result in an adult child literally moving back in with their parents to make sure they’re receiving the proper level of help, though there are many downsides to providing senior care for one’s parents.

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