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Income Tax Issues For Seniors

Sometimes we think either a Hollywood scriptwriter or the Internal Revenue Service came up with the phrase, “You can’t take it with you”.  But frankly, no government or tax accountant for seniors would want you to leave a lot of your money to heirs, either. This often forces senior citizens to dip into their ever-dwindling nest eggs each year or pay additional taxes to the IRS.

Especially for those with higher incomes in major metropolitan areas, it is always best to find income tax assistance to help you plan your tax liability.  To do your own taxes there are so many new laws, changes, and exceptions to be aware of.

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Estate Attorney Cleveland

Many bloggers, pundits and writers have opined about the potential transfer tax opportunities created by last year’s temporary repeal of the federal estate tax. While such opportunities may have existed, it is likely that those planning strategies will generally be suitable only for aggressive, sophisticated people who are fully advised by their estate attorney in Cleveland, or in any city, on the risks and uncertainties that exist.

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