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Ohio Elderly Home Care

You may have heard the term home healthcare, which is a very broad term that covers many health and social services delivered in the home.  For those seeking Ohio elderly home care it can initially be a confusing endeavor, as those who deliver these services come with a wide range of titles, levels of experience, education and training.  Some work for agencies, and others can be hired independently.  To complicate this field even more, different home care helpers with the same title may not perform the same services, whereas helpers with different titles may perform many of the same services!

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Home Care Illinois

If you’re in need of an Illinois home care worker and you’re new to the world of senior care, you may have already discovered that there are two kinds of home-based care:  Home Care Helpers and Home Care Nurses (which provide Nursing services).

A Home Care Helper is typically provided by a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA), who can assist with everyday basic tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and helping mom dress, bathe, and use the bathroom. A CNA can also remind the senior to take her prescription medications, but cannot dispense those meds. These kinds of homemaker services agencies may or may not be licensed depending on the agency, and whether they are following the specified requirements of Illinois.

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