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Long Term Home Care

Seniors who choose to remain living at home often times are still in need of medical assistance. Long term home care is available to those individuals who choose to remain in their homes. Long term home care usually extends itself to long term home health care because of the fact that it is provided over a longer period of time, resulting in weakening immune systems and loss of mobility. Long term home care is available to seniors who choose to remain at home and receive the assistance they require from a home care giver.

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San Diego Caregivers

Before you make a phone call to one of the many San Diego caregivers, decide what home-care skills your elder requires and what specific tasks have to be performed.  Write the required skills and tasks down.  You can use this to then clearly communicate your aging senior’s specific needs to a caregiver.

For example, you may want someone skilled in managing the difficult behavior of a confused older adult or providing range-of-motion exercises to a stroke victim, or managing incontinence.  Tasks may include lifting, bathing, or even driving to medical appointments.

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A Primer on Long-Term Care

When people consider the subject of long term care, they often think about nursing homes. In fact long term care has little to do with nursing homes. Understanding the difference can help you protect your family and your finances.

The Consequences of Living Longer

Long-term care is a continuum of care services and housing you will need when you live a long life. Do you think you won’t live a long life? Think back 25 years ago. If you had a stroke, cancer or heart attack, you simply died. Few ever heard of Alzheimer’s. Today it is the leading cause for long-term care services. The longer you live, the more likely you are to need care. The question is not who will take care of you, because your family will most often, but rather what will providing that care do to your family and finances.

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Smoking in Long-Term Care Facilities

Currently, there are laws which allow designated smoking areas in senior care facilities. Many facilities are choosing to ban smoking all-together in their establishments. In a study, over 36 million Americans smoked: 22% of those aged over 45 years old and 9% are over the age of 65. Older Americans that smoke may want to age in a facility offering a designated smoking area.

There are no safe levels of secondhand smoke, and there is a higher risk of a fire starting if smoking is allowed on the premises. Nursing Home fires are the most common residential fires, so many nursing homes have banned smoking completely to help avoid fires.

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The Costs Of Long Term Senior Care

The costs of long-term care are often thought of in terms of monetary expenses. Although paying for care out of pocket can be very expensive, it is just as important to think about the cost of providing care over a period of years in non-economic terms.  There are many types of costs of long term senior care.

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