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Neglect of Seniors

Compassionate senior care prevents neglectIt is not intentional that some Southern California seniors are being neglected.  When all of the immediate family has traveled away from the elder or lives without daily contact or interaction with their senior aged loved one, there is a possibility that he or she is being neglected.  When people think of senior abuse it is definitely neglect that is the least thought of form of senior abuse.  Most people think that it will be easy to ensure, so long as strangers or those we don’t know aren’t caring for a senior, there is no risk for senior abuse.  A senior is thought to be safe in many cases when they are not interacting with other people outside of the family.  No one can harm the senior physically, mentally or physically when there is not engagement with the senior.  Without help or assistance from anyone a senior’s needs may not be being met.  Neglecting the needs of a senior, even without knowing is somewhat abusive.  Most people would not intentionally abuse a senior, especially someone they love, but there is that situation where even the most attentive, caring adult child of an elderly parent may miss some signs that a senior needs help or should no longer live alone.  Watching for signs that a senior needs help with daily living or making the regular checks in to really see how a senior is living will prevent the even accidental neglect.

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Indiana Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

If your senior loved one is in a nursing home, and the care they are receiving is not appropriate, you may need a lawyer. Seniors may not be receiving the proper care such as being stuck in bed, do not have socks or shoes on for hours, stuck in their chair for a long period of time, no help to the restroom, does not get dried off after a shower, and other horrific means of living. These conditions are not suitable for seniors living in nursing homes, but unfortunately the nursing homes are understaffed, underpaid, or the nurses are not qualified. Some nursing homes lack personal assistance, which leads to neglect. No senior should live in these means, and if you notice your loved one going through this, get legal help right away. Indiana nursing home negligence attorneys may help your loved one who may have suffered negligence while in a care facility.

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