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Oak Park Assisted Living

Assisted living communities in Oak Park, Illinois are helping seniors to live their lives the way they like to.    We have all used the mail and delivery systems to receive packages, at least here and there.  I haven’t thought until recently about how it must be for a senior aged person to receive a large package.  You would think that most people really appreciate a large present or a giant care box, but without the help of a kind assisted living worker, these packages could be anything but fun for a senior.  As a younger person, we receive a big box with our newly purchased items or an appreciated gift from a friend.  We just lug the gigantic box into the house, without thinking about what it takes to get it in there, and tear it open to experience the goodness inside.  For some seniors, a box left for them would simply be unmanageable.  Living in an assisted living community has many benefits for a senior, but thinking about what they would do if they didn’t have the assistance, with something which seems as minor to us younger folk as receiving a package, can be a fringe benefit of assisted living.  When we head to the grocery store in our younger, more physically able years of life, we just buy things in bulk or when they are on sale in mass quantity.  For a senior, who may not be as physically able, buying the smaller item at a greater price would be necessary without assistance to get it home.  Living in an assisted living community there is help available when a package comes to their residence or the shopping trips may be assisted.  So, if a senior has a particular laundry detergent that he or she prefers, but it could be a large container (otherwise not able to be carried by the senior), the assisted living workers will assist with not only getting the product out of the store and into their apartment, but also may assist with separating the laundry detergent into smaller containers or help with doing the laundry.  Seniors do not need to sacrifice the little things in life which they want and prefer, they are able to live their lives the way that they like to with the assistance provided in the assisted living communities.  There are just so many day to day things that we take for granted that may become difficult for a senior to do alone.

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