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Senior Walking Programs

Seniors should get exercise as much as they possibly are able to. Movement can help the overall health and well-being of an aging senior. Some seniors are able to join senior walking programs in their area in order to stay physically and socially active.

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Walking Programs For A Senior

Walking is great exercise at any age, but for seniors, walking programs for a senior are an easy way to keep weight off, keep the cardiovascular system in top shape, and frankly, getting some fresh air never hurt anybody, no matter what your age.

The importance of staying physically active in one’s senior years cannot be overstated.  It keeps weight off, lowers bad cholesterol levels, increases good cholesterol levels, lowers your blood pressure, helps keep blood sugar and diabetes under control and emotionally, it lowers stress levels.  This latter benefit speaks to a holistic approach to health care that has additional benefits; your emotional health plays a large part in your physical well being, and walking is an outstanding way to round out the whole health picture.

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