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A New Year a New Walk In Tub For You

Walk in bath tubsAs the New Year approaches many seniors and their families are thinking about how this year can be even better than the last.  In Detroit, many homeowners are thinking about upcoming renovations and for seniors these renovations and remodeling can mean a better quality of life.  As a younger adult we are typically remodeling to make things in our home aesthetically pleasing and things that we like just because it suits our fancy.  As we age, our focus may change from not only having new and nicer things in our homes, but also adding things to increase the quality of senior life.  Understanding what you like and want is something that comes with personal preferences we establish over time.  Now with all of the options in home remodeling, a senior can have things that look nice and serve them daily promoting a better quality of life.  A walk-in bathtub may be the first investment into a better quality of life to consider.

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Taking the First Step to Aging in Place

Walk in bath tubs | Taking The First Step to Aging In PlaceAging in place in your San Jose home is all about taking the first step, into a walk-in bathtub that is! Some seniors don’t realize how quickly things can change.  One day you are fine to step into and out of the bathtub and it seems like the next you are not able to maneuver that way. Most of us take for granted how limber and agile we are when we are in our younger years.  As we age, we are finding that things that were once mindless and easy to do require a little more effort and even sometimes some assistance.  To age in place, it is important to have all of the necessary tools to be safe and still get around as easily as possible.

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Walk-In Bath Tub – Minor Change, Major Improvement

Walk in bath tubsThe smallest changes can make the most improvement in a senior’s quality of life. Families of seniors are not taking any chances and are doing what they can to ensure their seniors are safe and happy.  As a younger person we take for granted how easily we can get into the tub to take a shower. Just lift our leg up over the side, find our balance in the tub with just one foot in and push off with the other leg to end up both feet and our bodies in the tub.  Well it is not as simple as it sounds for a senior with mobility and balance issues.  Seniors are often not as flexible, stable or physically able to perform many of the simplest tasks that we might not consider as a younger person.  Signs your senior is having difficulty getting into and out of the tub:

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