Time Will Tell For Senior Care

Helping seniors in needThe funny thing about senior care is that there really is no timeline or particular time when a senior will need it.  One day a senior is full capable, safe and happy to be alone at home, but it seems like that can all change in nearly an instant.  The need for senior care can come when you least expect it.  A senior aged loved one may come down with what seems like the common cold or a simple ache or pain, but then it leads to much more by way of a decline in health, causing the senior to need more assistance than before.  Seniors who are able to cook for themselves, clean their homes, take out the trash, manage their medications and things are not really in the need for much if any home care, but there are seniors who without any warning seem to have completely different needs. If you senior aged loved one is staying in the hospital for a few days after suffering from an illness, there is a good possibility that even after being released from the hospital will remain weak and tired for a period of time and need more help than before the illness.

Sometimes, an ailment, illness or body aches which result in medical attention may bring to light other medical problems or conditions which were previously unknown.  For this reason, a senior’s health care and treatment plan may change and not just be limited to the home care which may be necessary around the time they are suffering from a slight illness.  It may be time for the senior and their loved ones to take a look at all of the responsibilities that the senior will have and the upcoming treatments and determine if the senior can do it all alone or what the family and friends are not able to take on for the senior.  While I am sure it is not something that we want to think about, while our senior aged loved ones are seemingly so young and spry, but literally all of that can change drastically within a matter of just a few days.  What a senior could do last year, last month or in some cases even last week may not be the same thing that a senior is capable of doing this week.  A senior aged loved one may need assistance with all things in the home and transportation to make sure that the proper medical care is received.  Non-medical home care may be necessary for a period of time, to assist the senior.  Non-medical home care may also become a part of the senior’s regular daily or weekly life.  For this reason, a senior’s well being should be considered, before the need for senior care has arrived.

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