‘Tis the Scamming Seniors Season

Seasonal senior scammingIt is not snowy or cold in Los Angeles for the holidays, but it may be the scamming seniors season.   Calls for unreliable or not reputable senior services may seem to come in more frequently than usually during the holiday season.  With the holidays, we would like to think that all people have good intentions and that this is the season for giving, but that is not always the case. If you have a loved one who is living alone, it may be a good time to ask some questions about the mail and calls that your senior aged loved one is receiving.  If you notice an excessive amount of messages on the machine, notes that a senior is saving information from cold calls or mail that seems to be unsolicited there may be a reason to be concerned.  It is the often good advice to give a senior that if someone comes to the door, calls with an offer or mails something and the senior has not requested the information that it should be taken lightly.  Most times if you want something you will call a business rather than the company contacting you.

Remind a senior that if it sounds too good to be true it just may very well be.  Offering to your senior that if they have concern or a question about something they’ve heard or received to bring that to your attention may stop the potential for a scam.  It is always nice for a senior aged loved one to feel the support and offering an extra eye and ear can be the first step in preventing your senior from being taken for a scam.  Now may be the time that your senior aged loved one pulls out money from savings accounts and intends to go shopping for all of the family.  Sales people may be waiting to prey on seniors to sell things above the normal costs.  Also, other dishonest men and women may be waiting to catch your senior alone in a parking lot with a lot of cash.  Many seniors prefer to carry cash for their purchases.  It may be beneficial to prevent a loss to ask your senior to consider carrying a debit or credit card to access their funds, especially around the holidays.  Seniors can often be very trusting and will allow someone to help them to their car with their packages or in Reminding the senior to be aware that not everyone has good intentions and that the person offering to assist may not be with the store or with the best intentions will help your senior aged loved one to make a safe choice while out shopping this holiday season.

If you notice that your senior seems to be being inundated with the cold calls, mail or people selling services or products door-to-door, please take the time to really be invested in the seniors well-being and allow your senior to feel comfortable coming to you for your opinion before making any decisions with regard to enlisting services or buying products.  Staying safe and without scams this season will make for a happy family holiday time.


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