What Is a Nursing Home

When looking at the many options that are available to seniors and their families when it comes to elder care, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different living arrangements, forms of care, and financial assistance available. The best way to really narrow down your choices is to look at the available elder care on a tier basis. The least intense form of care is home care, then home health care, then adult retirement living communities, and finally, nursing homes. By looking at the different living options this way, you are able to single out the specific living situation the elder in your life would be best suited for. Let’s take a look at the most intense form of senior living, nursing homes.

Nursing homes are available to seniors for some of the most intense situations. Nursing homes provide a living arrangement for seniors while providing in depth medical care that they can receive at all times. Nursing homes are a form of community where seniors are given either their own sleeping quarters, or share with no more than one other resident. With these private rooms, they are provided with their own bathroom also. These rooms give each resident of a nursing home the privacy they are in need of when it comes to their personal moments.

Community rooms are available in nursing homes for social events for their residents. These community rooms offer activities such as family visits, card games, television viewing, and simple conversing with other residents. Along with these community rooms, activity rooms are available to each resident. These activity rooms include swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and many more. With these activity rooms, residents are able to continue with their physical activities that allow them to remain mobile with ease and comfort. By remaining active, residents can ensure they stay in the best health possible.

A community dining area is also provided to nursing home residents. This allows them to receive nutritional meals along with the social aspect of dining with other residents. Families are also able to join their family member who resides in the nursing home for meal periods. This allows the family members to better understand more of the details that a nursing home provides.

Nurses are also staffed 24/7 in nursing homes. These nurses are licensed and able to distribute medicine to the residents. Along with distributing medicine, they are able to assist with mobility exercises, give injections, draw blood, and assist in prescriptions for the residents. The majority of residents in nursing homes require some form of medical attention, which is why the nurses are staffed around the clock. Because each senior residing in nursing homes has a different scenario than the next, licensed nurses are able to provide the individual care they are in need of. This care can span from medical prescription to mobility exercises.

Families are more than welcome to visit their family member who resides in a nursing home. There are established visiting hours, but they run quite wide throughout the day. This allows the residents of a nursing home to understand that their family is still there. They are able to participate in the activities a nursing home offers to their residents. By participating in these activities with the seniors, they are reminded that their family is still involved in their daily lives and activities.

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