Choosing the Best Memory Care in San Francisco

When it's time for senior careWhen choosing a San Francisco memory care facility for your senior aged loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, there is more to consider than you would normally just for an aging parent or loved one.  Some facilities specialize in memory care and care associated with memory loss.  There are different stages of memory loss ranging from mild to severe.  Most people will loosely use the term Alzheimer’s with memory loss, but there is a different care plan necessary for a senior with mild memory loss symptoms, beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, progressive Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.  For this reason, choosing a care facility for your senior aged loved one which specializes in memory care is important.  Personalized care is a key factor in the memory loss care specialty.  The facilities which specialize in this type of care will be important to either address symptoms or slow progression of memory loss.  A compassionate staff at a memory care facility will be able to assist your senior aged loved one with their daily care needs, while focusing on their best quality of life today and in years to come.

How to look for the best memory care facility in San Francisco:

  1. Find out about their memory care programs
  2. Speak with staff managers and program facilitators about what a care plan for your senior would look like
  3. Determine when the memory care facility will make recommendations for doctor re-evaluations
  4. Look for a memory care facility with empathetic staff
  5. Ask if the facility is re-training their staff and keeping current on new, innovative approaches to memory care

The only real way to know if a facility is the best for your senior aged loved one in need of memory care is to do your homework.  Locate the facilities in the area with an online free resource to senior care, call and speak with the facility managers and senior care managers on-site, make appointments to visit the facilities, narrow down the best of the best in the area, re-visit without an appointment as a guest and speak with your senior aged loved one about the changes and their wishes.  Knowing that the senior care facility will provide specialized memory care services for your senior will bring peace of mind.  Also, being sure that you will receive updates on changes in your senior’s memory condition and symptoms will be comforting to know.  A facility with empathetic staff will lessen concern for mistreatment of your senior.  The importance of a memory care senior facility which is up on all of the latest treatment, therapy and memory care options will be a great plus.  When you are looking for the best that San Francisco has to offer in senior memory care services and facilities, be sure to weigh all of the benefits and options.  There will surely be a memory care facility in the area to meet all of your senior’s needs and bring peace of mind to you with regard to the care that your senior will be receiving.

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