New York Living with Assistance

Helping seniors with assisted living in New YorkSeniors having a hard time getting around their New York apartment are finding new freedoms in New York assisted living facilities.  When your senior reaches a point in his or her life where there is a need for assistance with everyday living activities an assisted living facility might just be the best place for your aging loved one to call home.

Things you should look for, while visiting your senior aged loved one this holiday:

  1. he or she is not changing their clothes because changing and dressing has become too difficult
  2. poor hygiene until a family member or friend brings this to the attention
  3. messy, unorganized home
  4. things on the floor (indicating the senior could not pick them up
  5. Unmanaged or taken medication

These things may mean that a senior is having difficulty or unable to live at home alone any longer and no longer can the conversation about assisted living be avoided.  The senior aged person may deny or make excuses, but if you notice these things you need to check back on your senior after the holidays to make sure your senior is safe to love alone.  If there is an issue with the inability to bathe and properly grooming comes up it is important to be so empathetic and respectful. You do not want your senior aged loved one to feel like less of a person because they need assistance.  These conversations are not easy to have and addressing the issue can be such a sensitive subject matter to discuss.  Of course, no family member or friend wants to offend or disrespect their elderly loved one, but addressing these concerns can be an important part of caring for the safety and well-being of your senior aged loved one.  Pointing out mere observations and making suggestions may be enough to start the conversation about the potential need for assisted living.  Some seniors, who know that they are no longer able to care for themselves properly in their homes, will welcome the opportunity to discuss assisted living.  In New York, there are many seniors who are too embarrassed to ask for help and to suggest that their family and friends help them to move to an assisted living community.  If you want to know what senior care living arrangement is best for your senior aged loved one living in New York, just listen to what they are saying about their daily life and be observant when visiting their home.  Assisted living facilities in New York are helping seniors with disabilities discover a new way to live independently.  Assisted living facilities in the New York area will offer high quality senior care for those seniors who need assistance with everyday living activities.  Once you know that you are in the position to begin needing to choose an assisted living facility to ensure that in the coming days, weeks or months your senior is well cared for and living a life that you know they will be clean, safe and happy then you should begin by calling 888.437.4817 so that you may speak to a person who can help you find assisted living in New York.

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